Annette…she is a miracle in human form. She came to team “Rolled Up Pants” with a smile after a long day working the morning shift at Einstein’s Bagels. This lady does phenomenal things for the group. Annette bought bread, meat, cheese and everything we needed for sandwiches and a large bag of chips the first day we were there all because she was appreciative of the work we were doing at her house. Her mother broke her hip and can’t leave the hospital and go back to her own house until she has a handicap ramp, so team “Rolled Up Pants” is working on her ramp. This lovely lady gets up very early for work every day yet she stays outside in the heat with the team after work and always has a smile on her face. Even though we came here to be angels to her, I think Annette has shown herself as an angel, a representation of God, to us this week.

-T-Corn (Taylor Cornett)

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