This Mission Trip reminds me of one of my favorite songs:

“We want to be your hands and feet
Without words we’ll let our actions speak

Here we are
Words can only go so far
Draw us closer to your heart
Bring us back to you
Bring us back to you”

We work very hard. The house we are working on is in need of new stairs and a wheelchair ramp. The mother of the lady we are working with had fallen down recently and is currently hospitalized. They need the house to be ready before she is able to come back. We have done everything from digging holes to measuring steps to scraping off the imperfections on walls so she could come home.

Our worksite is missing supplies and we are constantly working on tedious tasks. The heat blazes and the water doesn’t stay cold for long. We work and work. It can be absolutely awful. It makes you want to throw down the paint scraper and yell, “I quit!” But then you look over at the lady who stands out in the heat with us and brings us sandwiches and a fan. She never stops smiling. So I work harder than ever.

I know I am lucky; I am told that every day, but seeing the smile on this person’s face who has it so hard just proves it even more. I know she is struggling and it means a great deal to her that someone is fixing her house. However, I also know it means much more. She is happy because kids are coming to fix her house. We came and slept on the gym floor and worked in the sun for her. We did this for a woman we didn’t know, and she realizes it. We showed her Christ’s love.

We are his hands and feet. We aren’t just telling them about Christ, we are showing them Christ.

-Keely Grice

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