This is my first mission trip and so far I’ve had a lot of fun meeting so many new people and becoming closer with my older friends. Our group is divided into two teams working with Southside Community Center. On my team, we are building a ramp, landscaping and remodeling a bathroom. On the other team, they are scrapping old paint off the outside walls before they begin re-painting them later this week. Tonight, after we finished our projects, we went on a scavenger hunt around San Marcos; it was really hard because we didn’t know our way around and we couldn’t use Google. After that we went back to where we are staying for time in our small groups. We talked about sharing our stories and how we can use our stories to help others. We also got to learn a lot of new facts about each other by actually telling some stories about ourselves and our experiences. We learned how God affects our everyday lives.

-Haley L . Pottle

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