Thankful for Creation and Fun
We spent our morning at the Tarrant Area Food Bank Learning Garden and helped to harvest over 38 pounds of food for West Aid Food Pantry. It was neat to think about how all our food starts in the garden and ends up places like UCC (where we spent yesterday). It helped us to think about how connected we are to one another and the earth. TAFB helped us start our community garden at Keller UMC. They were all so nice and we learned so much. Afterwards we ate lunch at Trinity Park and got to spend time in God’s creation. At the First Street Mission we helped to sort clothes, package baby wipes and laundry detergent, and get a better picture of how important the church’s role is in helping others be all God has created them to be. We had a fun night of bowling and a yummy dinner near where we stayed. Tonight we will dream of all the delicious pie. We can’t wait for our last day together.
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