Thankful for Neighbors, Connections…

After chores and breakfast, we read the story of the Good Samaritan to send us on our journey. We discussed the amazing reality of Jesus choosing the most hated and undesirable person of the day (a Samaritan) to be the hero. We then headed out to make new friends that did not grow up with the same luxuries that we have become accustom to in the Keller area. From the very beginning, United Community Center’s Bethlehem Center welcomed us in and made us feel at home. The staff, volunteers, and students joined us for games, crafts, reading, and watching Zootopia together. One of the brightest moments of the day was our realization during conversation following the movie that there is no reason to be afraid of things or people that are different than we are. There is such joy in watching everyone playing together. With crafts, games, movies, and food before us, it was obvious that we are all God’s children! Thanks be to God for the amazing work of the Bethlehem Center, our new friends there and our Keller UMC family! We thank God for neighbors close to us who share Christ’s love and join our ever wide family. Thank you God for connections to people through the United Methodist Church. Thank you for helping us see that we each have resources and when we’re courageous enough to share them, God does amazing things.

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