In the US, we wake up to alarm clocks. This week in Haiti, we woke up to cows mooing and soft crowing of roosters while a gentle breeze blew in from the open windows. Our group enjoyed an abundant breakfast that our American dollars have paid for, but many of the Haitians struggle to come up with enough food to feed their families. At home, we head off to our jobs, while the unemployment rate in Haiti is rumored to be approximately 80%.

In spite of these stark differences, we see so many similarities. The children are loving and open with their affection. The adults always have a ready smile and their love of Christ is apparent in everything they do. Sunday’s worship service was structured much like our and we even sang “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” in French.

Today was the second day to help educate the local community about water hygiene. We were able to bring our total to 64 new water filters put into homes. After lunch and playtime with the children, we set off to check on filters in homes from prior mission trips to ensure proper usage and make needed repairs. Then it was time for Ragaman energy drinks and dinner, followed by a spectacular sunset.

Many of us have the same hopes and dreams – health for our families, successful futures, meaningful relationships, and a final home with God. Our hope is that our week in Haiti will help bring both communities closer to these dreams.

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