We woke at 6:30 AM to the diesel generator outside our beds and the faint sound of roosters.  Breakfast was served at 7:30 by Claudie.  She served us delightful omelettes with spam (I was told that it was regular ham), bananas, papayas and mango (all of which hang on the trees just outside the church), toast and juice.  We dressed respectfully for church like the locals today and greeted the community as they entered for service.

Participating in church today in French with an interpreter was interesting. I had goosebumps when we found a common phrase in the lyrics that were being belted from the pews, “Hallelujah!”  If I could bring one thing home from Haiti, it would be the passion for Christ that comes from their hearts, minds, and bodies. It was so refreshing to watch a culture who puts themselves completely out there, that is not afraid of what others will think. The message today to give up what you have and look for love, not material things knowing God will provide for you, is a hard message to hear.

After church we took some of our new friends to the beach and explored new sights and continued building relationships. We broke bread together at a local cafe and returned to the church to prepare arts and crafts and snacks for the 100 school children we will serve tomorrow. Eric led an amazing devotion discussion tonight. Not only did we learn more about each other as the team, but also more about why God has called us here this week. The rain is dancing on the huge tin roof just in time to end our day.

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