Our mission team left out of DFW this morning on their way to Haiti. They will fly in to Port-Au-Prince this afternoon before heading on to Mellier first thing tomorrow morning. The team will be delivering more water filters as a part of our ongoing goal of providing 800 water filters to this community in Haiti. Continue to pray for the team as they serve others in the world to help them experience Christ’s love. Check back here for more updates on the work they will be doing throughout the week.


3:00 am alarms – ugh!  At the airport by 4:45am. We had smooth flights, a smooth transition through customs, and we arrived in Port-Au-Prince!  After a hair-raising drive through town (the main form of traffic control is laying on your horn), we entered the tranquility of the Methodist Guest House. It was good to reunite with our friends, Rodney and Patrick, our translators for the week. We were briefed, fed, and ready for an early bedtime. We are looking forward to our final destination of Mellier tomorrow!
Bon Nuit.
-Pastor Daniel

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